Funds Transfer,

My name is Mr Kabiru Kone from Ivory Coast.I work in one of the prime banks here in the international remittance department here in the capital city Abidjan.I am soliciting your help for the transfer of the total of USD 4.5 Million Dollars from our bank belonging to a dead customer from Saudi Arabia who died here in a car crash in 2009.

The bank account of the man has been dormant  and from my personal investigation the wife and only child of the man does not know anything about the money.What I want you to do now is to stand as an appointed beneficiary to the fund so that with my help and instructions it will be processed and transferred to your bank account in your country.I will offer you 20% of the fund as soon as it is transferred and confirmed in your bank account.

I will travel to meet with you 48 hours after the fund is confirmed in your bank account in your country. This transaction is confidential and should be kept between you and me until we have finalized.

What you have to do now is to send the following personal details so that I will feed you with more details on how to proceed without any delay.

You have to send¨.
1 Your full name
2 Your address
3 Your direct tel number

I am waiting for your email reply as soon as possible.

Mr Kabiru Kone

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